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Originally Posted by Chase View Post
She doesn't see the beauty I see in the plurality of love. And I tell her about it, and she looks again, but still won't see it.
This is not a choice on her part - as using the word "won't" indicates you view it - anymore than your inability to see the beauty that she does in monogamous love is a choice for you.

Simply put, no matter how much you try to convince her that your way is the "better" way, it won't work. That's because while it may be the right way for you, it is not necessarily the right way for her.

We aren't more enlightened because we believe in our ability love multiple people; monogamous folks are not somehow lacking something we have found either.

To me, you are missing out on one of the wonderful benefits of being polyamorus. You can still have a deeply loving relationship with this woman without the worry that your other partner will not accept her presence in your life due to fear and insecurity. The exact form of that relationship may not be your ideal but if you truly love her, you will respect her right to determine how she loves and just enjoy the connection that you do share.
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