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I just wanted to say welcome. I'm guessing you are a woman? (not clear from your post) I am female. I find it interesting how much gender can disappear on line.

I'm glad you found this forum, and that you have a place to get it out. I, myself, am really happy to have this place.

Originally Posted by dfly67 View Post
Is there anyone else out there who has successfully transitioned from a mono to poly relationship, especially with a mono partner?
Is it possible to have poly feelings, but be satisfied in a mono relationship?
There are many stories here about mono-poly transitions and relationships. The search function might be quite useful to you. My story is a bit different, so I don't feel I have much to offer. I do think it can be like being bisexual. I identify as bisexual (I might be pan, but I don't know). I view it as 'I fall in love with people, and I worry about what parts they have later.' I think for me, poly is also like that. I almost had a multiple relationship when I was younger (with two other women). I think I've been open to it; I've just not been with others who were, and I never sought it out.

I'm pretty happy right now, and I suspect should my current arrangement fall apart, I might seek this out in future.
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
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