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I'm getting whiplash. So it turns out my SO sent a private message to Pina, at the outset of our communications with Pina. Something that Pina did not reveal to me until this morning. Apparently the PM mentions how my SO is really not into this, but she's only doing it because she loves me, she likes to have sex with girls, but living with one will be new for her, and she's not sure if it will work for her.

Well that was enough "insecurity" alerts to cause Pina to be not ok with my SO. So now it looks like it's shaping up to choosing. And if I must choose I will choose Pina, who is open to a multi-relationship, and my lifestyle.

This is pretty much the third strike for my SO. I told her to stop broadcasting insecurity and personal philosophy to "applicants", but she seems to just not be able to help it. I will have a long talk with her, and lay down the law and find out if she will be capable of leading my lifestyle, or not, and then it's time for her to make her choice.

In the meantime, I went on two dates today, to take my mind off things, and SUPPOSEDLY my SO is bringing home either a guy, or a girl, or both, to have some fun tonight. The guy is a casual friend, so it'll be cool to try that, since my main gig is multiple women. But I must be fair
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