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Here's one...

A friend offered to set me up with someone she knows, and I reminded her that I am only interested in men who would be open to non-exclusive relationships.

"Oh wow," she said, looking very serious and worried, "I don't know ANYONE who would be okay with that."

Gee, thanks.

I will also point out that this friend of mine already knew (or, I thought she did) that I am dating non-monogamously, as I had explained this to her earlier, and as this has been a major process I that have been going through for the past two years.

If she'd made that comment to me two years ago, I would have been devastated. Luckily, I am much more centered and confident and secure with my approach to dating now, so I am not hurt or insulted now. My friend didn't mean to be unhelpful.

It would have been nice if I'd more [or any] support from friends over the past two years, but at this point, I've concluded that it's not my friends' job to say the exact right thing to me; rather, it's up to me to educate my friends on my approach to dating. I can't control their responses.

But, yes, a little less prejudice would be nice.
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