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Default Honey, I'm Home!

Finally back from our month in South America! Argentina was amazing, Brazil was nice, and I'm thrilled to be home in my own bed.

Fly, Kiddo, and I were basically in the same room together every night for the entire 33 days, so being in our house and having work and school and plenty of bedrooms for people to spread out in has been wonderful. I love my boys, but there is such a thing as too much togetherness!

I texted a little with Punk yesterday. He's been in Puerto Rico for the month of October on a work trip. I'm not sure when he gets home, or if we'll hang out when he does, but I'm really glad to maintain a good friendship with him.

I wasn't able to communicate with Moonlight much while I was gone, because my wifi while traveling was super unreliable. We skyped a little, but it wasn't enough. I'm spending the whole weekend with her, starting tonight, and I'm so nervous because I'm going to meet her daughter (who is older than I am) and granddaughter, probably tomorrow. Yikes! I love her so much, and I'm all aflutter to see her tonight. I told Fly that he and Kiddo are on their own for dinner, as I have much polishing, shaving, moisturizing, and prettifying to do

Here's my favorite photo from our trip - it was taken at Iguazu Falls in Argentina.


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