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Default Hi everyone I'm lostlion from Rhode Island

OK so before I begin I haven't had a very good experience with other poly individuals in my area so please be gentle. With that said there really aren't many that I know of in RI (my area).
So lets begin:
I'm 28 years old, currently in a 13 year mono relationship,I have 2 beautiful children, and have been poly-curious before I ever knew what poly was.
What I am looking for are people in my area, local meets, and q&a with good people that understand my situation.
My situation : My 13 year girlfriend/mother of my children does not know I feel the way I feel about poly. I also don't think she'd be onboard for a poly relationship and/or open relationship at all. I love her with all my heart and never want to hurt her but ...... I can't help who I am.
Question : do I tell her ?

Please be realistic and non-judgemental
Nice to meet you all and thanks for listening.
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