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Originally Posted by alphafour View Post
So instead you choose to hurt many? Just think of all of the guys who would have been happy to share you. You hurt them all.

It is somewhat tongue in cheek, but also possible in a more poly oriented society.

You are the one who should be protectecting your own heart. If you have an opinion that nobody agrees with, do you change your opinion to stop hurting them, or do you realize that they don't necessarily have the facts, and thereby cannot develop the same opinion as you?

I see the facts differently. Sure, I let ladies who insist on monogamy find someone else. If leaving me hurts them, that is their decision to make.
Whoa, what? How am I hurting many? There's not been anybody else in 7 years that was remotely interested in me.

And the two guys I mentioned in my OP would never have been okay with sharing. Not in a million years.
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