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Default In the Moment

I think I really do understand your struggle Red. I've often faced the same thing. Actually I think everyone does whether they slow down enough to recognize it or not.
And here's what I often come back to. And this is the kind of thing that takes tremendous discipline in your life in order to really live it.
In our current culture it's VERY difficult to LIVE in the "Moment". Just getting through the day for lots of people means dealing with things from multiple directions from our work/school lives, personal lives etc. So in any given interaction, often we're not "fully present". Part of us is here - part of us is somewhere else, dealing with some whole different situation.
Does this make sense ?
So... any particular interaction is a mishmash of stuff that applies and stuff that doesn't - INCLUDING the attached emotions.
I think if everyone was capable of living fully in the moment - that their full awareness and focus was applied to the circumstance immediately in front of them, that the whole attitude & outcome would often be different. It's often not that people don't like us, that we're not on the same page etc, it's just that one or more of us are introducing pieces of "stuff" that don't belong in the here & now. They're coming from somewhere else.
But we don't often live/interact that way. And it takes YEARS of training and constant vigilance to do so. Not to mention even an awareness of the concept, which we don't even have that.
So, I've just found it seems to help that in all my interactions I try to bring everyone back into the "moment" and this also helps bring ME back !


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