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And it definitely does not help that when John came home and I told him how upset and angry I feel right now so that he would know where my head is at, that his first reaction was to defend Sarah. Without even seeing the text conversation. Because it doesn't seem to matter that her feelings of resentment toward me are completely unreasonable. I asked her why she was mad at me, and she gave me an answer, so John and Sarah think it should just end there.

But whenever Sarah asked Mike what he was feeling and he told her (and it was often unreasonable as well) - of COURSE she got mad at Mike and told him why what he said was unreasonable. But no - when I'm the one dealing with someone who feels put upon and resentful because I don't want my marriage to end, I should just suck it up and accept whatever answer I'm given.

Such complete and total bullshit. Total hypocrites.

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