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This has been a fascinating thread for me to read, both from the OP's standpoint and from the advice given. I don't think I'm quite as far along the spectrum as Halcyon on how much it affects me physically, but I literally just wrote an email today telling someone how much i can't stand going two weeks without touch. I've been told about the five languages before and knew immediately I would be a touch but now I will find the test and take it.

It does not cause me pain, but there is definitely an element of depression that seeps in for me after a couple weeks. It's more just being unsettled, distracted, and frustrated up until that point, but by two weeks it really is a matter of being truly down. I also realized that with my kids getting older I'm not receiving as much touch as I used to from them compared to a few years ago so that would help explain while I feel that way more often now than before. I hug them every day, but not nearly the amount of long snuggles that there used to be.

so thanks for helping me see this a little more clearly. i do hope you find something that will help alleviate the manifestations for you since they seem rather severe. Best of luck.
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