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@nycindie: I personally believe that the illusion of poly being a "mostly White phenomenon" is one based on lack of knowledge about and connection between races. Its like how I always thought serious, committed relationships were mainly a "heterosexual thing" until I started meeting and befriending LGBT couples who expressed the same intensity of love, dedication, and pair bonding with each other.

And, believe me, there are plenty of Blacks who have told me, "Poly? Open relationships? That's a White thing!" Meanwhile, most Black people know plenty of relationships in their community and family that are 3-somes, 4-somes, and Moresomes of varying levels.

Maybe its just semantics?

@AnnabelMore: Great response! But I wonder when personal preference crosses the line into prejudice, or if it ever does without being catalyzed by fear, ignorance, and hatred? I mean, I have never really been THAT attracted to Asian women and probably would only date Southeast Asian women, at that. Does that make me prejudice? I don't know. Maybe.
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