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I live in NYC. Even though it's a big city, the poly community here seems to be much smaller than one would expect, at least to me. Even more surprising is the dominance of white people at the few organized poly gatherings I have attended. There are always a few people who are Asian or of Asian descent, but I can only recall one or two black people. NYC is more segregated than one would believe, I think. I have lived in NYC for over 20 years and there is only one black person who lives on my block. On the outside, it looks like we're one big melting pot, but many ethnic groups really keep to themselves.

So I wonder if poly is also quite prevalent a practice in the black community here, without calling it poly, like it is in Philly. I do remember walking through Union Square one day last summer and overhearing a black woman talking about being fluid-bonded with someone, which really caught my attention because that term is something I've only heard in poly circles.
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