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Default An issue that I dont know how to fix

So we are having a little issue that I probably caused.

Over the weekend, I had an issue with my family and was left feeling pretty crappy about the situation. Monday we all worked. They work at the same place and I work from home. I busted my ass Monday with work and doing stuff in the house. I had dinner ready when they got home. I was desperate to spend time with both of my partners. I needed connection but I had to get groceries. Before I left to go to the store, they had both talked about being tired, needing to go to bed at a decent time, etc. They told me to hurry. So I rushed like crazy to get home. When I got here, hubby came out to help with the groceries and told me they had had sex. This is one of only a few times they have been together alone. I reacted in not a positive way because I incorrectly assumed gf was already in bed and he was going soon. I thought I had missed on. I was so desperate for them after being kicked around by my family. They both now assume that I reacted as such because I dont want them together without me. I have apologized for the reaction, have told them that what I felt was not jealousy of their realtionship but rather envy that I could not share in it that night. I cant convice them otherwise. they keep dwelling on it and hubby has even said that they will not be together alone again and he dreads sex now in any capacity. GF says that she previously thought I was uncomfortable with it and now my actions prove it.

I screwed up. I broke their trust I suppose. I hurt even their relationship. I just wish I could explain my feelings to them. I want to fix it but I don't even know how to start. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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