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Originally Posted by MariePatrick View Post
There are shout outs for many other states and my wife and I just wanted to see where the Nj/NYc people are at.

We are both 32yo and live in NJ right outside of nyc. We've become poly ever since she came out as bi-sexual. Like all beginners we entered in searching for the magical unicorn. Our ' unicorn' search ended very quickly once we realized the unrealistic rarity of such a relationship. So we have changed our mentality and have both been searching for relationships on our own.

Also, we have really been enjoying the support and friendship of the poly community. Unfortunately there are very limited events and mixers in the area. We would like to find other couples and singles in the area interested in dining, drinking and communicating.

So if you live in the area and like to mingle and have fun then give a shout out!


Married couple here in Northern NJ (39/40)
Just starting to explore poly world and recently joined yahoo local group...hope to branch out soon

Good Luck
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