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Glad you talked to Peaches and feel reassured. See? So much easier to just ASK. Then BELIEVE him when he explains.

I think CC is avoiding me, though. But maybe he just needs some space right now. A lot of things are going wrong in his life. I spent a few days freaking out about we hanging out less, but when I stop and think about how CC normally do stuff, It's clear to me that if he was thinking about breaking up he would have told me that already. I hope.
I'm trying not to assume stuff or freak out. Also trying to work up the courage to directly ask him if we're ok.
Definitely. Again -- see how much easier it was with Peaches?

Stop focusing on "Oh no! My rship with CC is shaky!" because then you get yourself all anxious.

Try to think of it like "My rship with CC is new. We're still learning. That's not a bad thing."

Then perhaps you can relax, and be more confident about asking things. That is how to learn about your new partner and KNOW your new person.

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