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No Problem LovingRadiance. I imagined it was something that went wrong with the forum or your computer.... Machines. XD

As for my problems, I talked to Peaches, directly asking about his past poly relationship that didn't work out.
He explained me that she never asked him for poly or open relationships. Just informed him she was going to sleep around and did. He also said he was a lot younger and never heard about poly until the day when he mentioned poly for me. To him, she was not happy and content with him and it was his fault somehow. And THAT'S what killed their relationship.
So now I know our relationship is nothing like that one, and I know the ellements that were bad about that realationship to him are not present in ours. So I think this drama, at least, is over.

And as for CC, I'm trying to keep my shit togheter. XD I'm determined to understant and often remind myself that, yes, Peaches and I had a ORE dynamic very soon in your relationship, but it doesn't have to be like this with everyone. It's hard for me, but I'm trying to take things slow and believe that this CAN work out even if we don't decide right away it will.

I think CC is avoiding me, though. But maybe he just needs some space right now. A lot of things are going wrong in his life. I spent a few days freaking out about we hanging out less, but when I stop and think about how CC normally do stuff, It's clear to me that if he was thinking about breaking up he would have told me that already. I hope.
I'm trying not to assume stuff or freak out. Also trying to work up the courage to directly ask him if we're ok.
Me, female in a V with Peaches, live in boyfriend and CC, boyfriend.
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