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Thank you for your kindness and wise words. Sarah is and always has been a beautiful, vibrant and fun loving woman and before I fell ill we had a wonderful life together. For two years plus now she has remained loyal despite me trying to persuade her to find someone not only to put the joy back in her life but to love her and support her during these difficult times. As I lay here I gain comfort from imagining her happy and smiling, I can tell you that the compersion that I feel reduces my pain more than any medicine ever could. If when I leave this world I can do so knowing Sarah will be safe, supported and happy it will ease my path. To any guy lucky enough to be with her in the future I ask only that he be good to her for I shall be watching down from the heavens. I know that Sarah pops in to this site once in a while and so I say to her that I love you darling and always will.
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