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I am so devastated.

It's been days, and he still can't decide if our marriage is his top priority. He says I'm being impatient and that I should wait for the break to happen on Nov 4th and for us to just take it from there. Maybe he's right. What do you think?

I think the break needs to happen regardless, but I also think he needs to determine what his absolute needs are. He needs to decide if we're his top priority - that if a continued romantic relationship with Sarah would destroy us that he'd end it. He says it's complicated. I don't think it is - I think it's just painful and difficult. He doesn't want to say he can live without Sarah, because he doesn't want to have to. And he knows if he says he absolutely can't live without Sarah and would choose her over us, that we'll get divorced. So I feel like he's stringing me along, hoping that there's some situation in which he can have us both, but where he doesn't have to say that our marriage is a priority.

How long should someone in his position need to know what they can't live without? Am I being unreasonable?
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