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Default Update

So shortly after all this coming out onto the forums, my husband asked me if I wanted to date other men. I got nervous cause I love him so much, but I didn't want to lie. I told him that I do want to date other men as well as women, but only if he feels comfortable with it. He admitted he was hesitant but he wants to work through his feelings of jealousy. For all of his life he has thought monogamously and admitted that he feels like he's "hard wired" to feel jealousy and territorial towards men, and not so much women. But he wants to work through those feelings for me, because he really wants to explore with relationships on his side too.

It really made happy, mainly because it made me confirm he wants to explore relationships for himself and not for me. Which is what I'd want, if it's something he'd pursue. He's not exploring polyamory just because its something I brought it, but it genuinely interests him as well.

If I could believe that he was okay with the idea of me being completely poly and him mono, I'd suggest that but... I don't think that would work, and he would be very hurt and struggle with many negative emotions. I'd rather not lose him or cause him stress. I'm perfectly okay with staying monogamous with him. I can control my emotions and feelings for his sake.

BUT I AM SO HAPPY!! I'll keep it updated.(probably change this into a blog instead since my problem has been addressed and should take this to the appropriate thread area.) About how our relationship goes. From my time being married to him, I don't have too many doubts. He is very understanding and I'm glad he wants to try it himself.
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