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Default Didn't Consider Religion...

I can see where religion could play a part. I often find myself in the company of people that consider themselves practicing Christians who have wild sexual escapades on a regular basis, including members only activities. These same people turn their noses up at polyamory. For them swinging and children outside of their marriages are okay, but polyamory? Never! They don't care to share on a long-term basis.

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Then there's this random statistic from the Pew Research Center:
"Of all the major racial and ethnic groups in the United States, black Americans are the most likely to report a formal religious affiliation. Even among those blacks who are unaffiliated, three-in-four belong to the "religious unaffiliated" category (that is, they say that religion is either somewhat or very important in their lives), compared with slightly more than one-third of the unaffiliated population overall."

So, religiosity could have a large impact too, I imagine.
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