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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
I am so glad you are ok NYCindie!
Thanks, Opal!

Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
I was worried about you when I saw how hard New York and New Jersey were getting hit.

That sounds a lot like how New York was after 9/11. But I've never heard of lower Manhattan being evacuated or the dreadful fire in Queens.
It is quite different from 9/11, actually. That was, of course, a very specific place that got hit, but the smell of the burning buildings seemed to travel everywhere and lasted for months. Subways were affected but all other basic services were still running. With this, so many people are just stuck. Stores are empty (I waited too long to try and find size D batteries for my lantern and every store was sold out by Saturday - fortunately, I didn't lose power). Electricity is expected to be turned back on everywhere by this weekend, but that's still a long time for such a big city to have no power in major parts of it. For the stock exchange to close for two days because downtown Manhattan is inaccessible due to the weather -- I keep hearing that that hasn't happened since 1898!

As for the houses in Breezy Point, Queens, I have since learned that there have been somewhere from 80 to possibly over 100 lost to fire. Breezy Point had been ordered to evacuate but I think quite a few residents stayed. I don't know if any deaths occurred there. Most of the homes that burned down were old, wooden bungalows. Here is an aerial view of the terrible damage done by the fires :

Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
Baltimore got hit relatively lightly. I lost power briefly but was then fine the rest of the time. My neighbor's lost their front gutters. That's it on my street.
Glad to hear it. I have heard news reports that Philadelphia got hit pretty hard as the storm moved on. I should check on Burnsy.

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I'm glad you posted Nyc! I was thinking of you.
Thanks, LR. It was kinda creepy just sitting here with my windows taped up and waiting for the storm to pass through.

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
My father in law and his wife are in NYC also . . . they are ok but staying inside and not going anywhere. No other details.
That is exactly what they should e doing. I just went to the store and the streets are full of people who are, I am sure, a little stir-crazy from being indoors for a few days. Today, I got bored and chopped off a lot of my hair! Parents were taking kids trick-or-treating. But falling tree limbs are a real danger, and traffic lights are fucked up here and there, so it's best to avoid going out until the chaos subsides.
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