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My husband actually feels a constant guilt, and he hasn't even truly truly pursued someone yet. It's adorable in it's own sense I'll admit, he's very worried about me getting upset. When I'm the total opposite. I'm very very excited for him to explore. I think it's quite normal. I believe its the way we are raised and even if not that, its a big step. Maybe you don't want the other person feeling less loved, or left out. Maybe the guilt has less to do with guilt and just more worry about everything involved. Constantly being open and honest about how you feel may help. The more I let my husband know "I am okay with "a" and "b", I don't agree with "DEF". Butif you ever feel uncomfortable you can stop at any time." I don't push him to get a new relationship by anymeans, he is doing this by his own choice. But when I am 100% supportive he seems to get past the guilt. Just talk to your partner/ect. It may make you feel better.
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