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Default Is this too much for an intro? haha :)

Hello all!

I am a 23 year old bi female. Currently married to wonderful husband of 3 years. We've discussed polyamory since the beginning, even before dating. Only now has it gotten serious. Right now he is seeking out a new relationship, and I am waiting. I have been comfortable with polyamory since I've started dating, struggling with societal ideas, and my own feelings. Thanks to the wonderful internet and an encounter with a very successful quad, raising kids and everything for 20 plus years, I quickly learned and developed my own feelings of polyamory. I believe in open, honest relationships. I believe cheating is very much the same as it is in monogamous relationships. Cheating means breaking the rules to me, and polyamory isn't a buffet of sex. It's a lifestyle choice that has its own challenges and rewards, and takes just the same amount of strength as it does with anything else in someones life. I don't believe in DADT relationships, I make no judgments with those who have them, but its a personal choice for me and it is one of my boundaries. I am waiting to seek out new relationships, mainly because my husband is still new to this idea. He really likes the idea but he is always worried about how I'm going to feel. He doesn't want to freak possible interests out(I guess he might be afraid of rejection) and he doesn't want to play games with people. He doesn't seem to worried about how he'll handle polyamory himself, he mainly seems to worry about everyone elses feelings. Which I found adorable, cause he is such a sweet caring man and makes me love him all the more. So until he gets his "feet wet" I'm happy waiting and supporting him. I constantly tell him if he doesn't feel comfortable with polyamory I am perfectly happy with being just mono with him, again he has no qualms with the idea, he's just worried about me and anyone else who comes along.

I am quite excited to see my husband get a new dynamic in his life, and see it added to mine. <--Don't get me wrong, I am excited to have a metamour, not a triad, though I am open to that too. LOL My poly-curious husband is an absolute doll, and I find him so adorable with his curiosity. It's cute cause it's almost like he's a 3 year old looking back at his mom going "Are you absolutely SURE this is okay. O.O"

Super excited about getting to know you guys! It's a bit more difficult to come out open IRL right now. Our closest friends know but its not like we have our facebooks/myspaces ect w/e all liek HEY WE WANTS YOU hahaha. So I'm happy to have found such an active group of people to discuss and share experiences with.
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