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I do intend to go. My sister is going with me. Maca is not going for a variety of reasons, but the primary one is that she will be in attendance.

I usually am very good at being social and friendly regardless of my feelings for the company (lots of practice with family).

I aim to be just that, my normal friendly self. There are, at present, 11 people going. So, it undoubtedly will be interesting.

I did find out after my post that she's been talking to the group at large about the situation from her perspective (essentially that I'm a psycho with the added fuel of being a possessive and controlling wife). THAT I found out via one of the key co-organizers for the group at large (not this particular get together). Sigh...

A friend said to me, "LR, just go and be yourself it will become evident quickly that the stories are untrue and people will get to know you and it will be fine."

Which I aim to do.
But, I admit it does irritate me that I am in the position of having to prove myself to people with a preconceived and FALSE idea of who I am on account of Maca's b.s. with this girl.
I said as much to him. He acknowledged and accepted that with an apology and notation that it never occurred to him how far reaching into MY personal life his words to her could find their way. One can only hope he understands that now.
He offered to go talk to the group-but I told him that was ridiculous and wouldn't actually help anything. They will find out who I am more clearly just by my participation. He is welcome to participate, but him defending me against her words isn't going to paint a better picture at all.
He didn't understand why, but accepted that was my opinion and my preference.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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