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Default When your partner is having problems with their primary partner

I have my primary partner and another person I'm seeing, we'll call him Charlie Brown. We've only been seeing each other a short time but I can see it growing. Charlie Brown also has a primary partner. Both of us have been married to our partners for a long time and they are number one. Which is okay with both of us, it's just how it works for US. I know that's not how everyone "does poly" but it's just what works for us. Anyways, when Charlie Brown and his partner have issues regarding our relationship, I always worry that our relationship (mine and Charlie Brown's) is threatened. I know communication is key in this of course, but when they are having whatever issue, I tend to back off out of respect so they can work through it, even if it's just for a day or a few days. During this time, I truly am not sure what's going on or what is appropriate for me to ask. I don't want to seem ridiculous or selfish by asking if this is threatening our relationship, but I just don't know. We've had 2 issues, which I won't go into the details of, that were somewhat "major" and thus far have worked through them. How do you deal with situations like this? There is a part of me that is holding back from feeling more for Charlie Brown because I'm afraid of it ending and being completely crushed.

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