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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
I really wish other people had happy marriage like I do. We're not always sunshine and rainbows every second of the day. (Moodlet.) But overall? The umbrella meta-mood? It's pretty sunny and bright. We're good. Solid. Comfortable. In love. Understand each other. The sight of him walking into the room STILL makes me light up after all these years. I hear his key in the lock at the front door and sometimes I run screaming to the door just like the kid does. "Dadddy!" she yells. Only I yell "Lover!"

Yes! This.

We have had our stormy days - and the weeks we spent recuperating from my "Jackassery" were TOUGH. But, really, I look at the marriages of our friends and I am sad...I would not want to be married like that.


PS. Even my mini-panics of yesterday - because MrS is out of town and I can't have my "touch -reassurances" from him (our new mock-game is that I store my reassurance inside his left elbow...because that is the place I can reach when he is at his desk and I am on the couch ) - just reminds me how cherished I am on a daily basis. (In response to my anxiety: Last night I got a "long-distance tucking-in" phone call from MrS, Dude cuddled me awake this am and had my coffee and morning-routine items laid out on my desk waiting for me, and I got a "good morning" text from was a good day!)
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