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Default Communicate directly with me damn it


We have a SMALL poly-group in our area. There is a meet-up that I RSVP'd to about a month ago.
Anyway, last night, the 25 yo texts Maca to tell him she's planning to go to it-and saw i had RSVP'd already, implied that I should cancel. Didn't specifically request-just implied.


First-she saw I RSVP'd-so if she has concerns-FUCKING MESSAGE ME on MEET UP!
Not text Maca (who isn't on Meet up and didn't RSVP etc).

She knows damn good and well we are poly AND that I have another FULL TIME LOVER-so it isn't rocket science that I may have RSVP'd for he and I.
I may have RSPV'd for MYSELF (which I did) with the potential intent of meeting others.

Furthermore-she claims to be poly and if she has some concern regarding ME she needs to bring it to ME.

We're married-but he's not my damn answering machine.


So-in large part-I don't want to go. Because it's a small group-under 20 people, probably closer to 10. And I'm SO FUCKING ANNOYED with her behavior.
On the other hand-if I just cancel, I'm allowing her communication through him to work and I'm also allowing her to isolate me from the community....


Thoughts are welcomed.
You can feel free to tell me to just move to Seattle or better yet Victoria where I could socialize in larger groups of poly-peeps.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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