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Had a weekend of moving forward in how I percieve things and how I take things on personally. Moving forward as in I did a lot of self work quietly on my own with little need to have help or vent. That's big for me. I seem to be shifting my mind in some ways and I am interested to see where that goes.

I was feeling a bit left out and unappreciated at the beginning of the weekend, but after taking that into my own hands I managed to find some appreciation at the local gay bar on Friday night. Okay, not really what I had in mind, but it reminded me of what I have in my life, who's in it and that I can go and do things alone and be okay. I decided I am only left out if I choose it and only unappreciated if I put myself in situations where I am.

I danced and enjoyed myself alone for the whole night while Brad, his wife and Derby hung out together on the spur of the moment, Mono worked more hours than he said he was going to and PN filled our date night with homework. It was all good by the next day when we had a really good Halloween party together.
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