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Update for October 28th, 2012: I'll try and fill in some details....

We are still together, though it's under new terms, as a new kind of relationship.
We've found a girl who wants to live with us. She'll be staying with us for 6 days as a trial. A necessary step since she is long distance. She will fly here this week, stay for 6 days, and towards the end of the stay we'll all know if it's going to work. I'll explain more about this new girl, we'll call her Pina(P for short), later.

I had asked my SO if she thought another girl, we'll call her Judy(J for short), was attractive to her and could be a candidate. She said yes, so I went ahead and proposed the situation to J, and J was skeptical but interested. After enough discussions, we had an initial meeting, just me and J, and talked about things, and she was really excited, interested in me and the way I want to live. However, at some point, after showing my SO more photos of J, my SO said that was not the girl she said was attractive, she was pointing out another girl in a photo. She actually finds J ugly. I had no idea and had already made significant progress with J. This created a distasteful rift between my SO and I because she had to now think about being in a "V" and she really wants a Triangle/Triad because News: My SO now says she feels like she can fall in love with a woman too and wants someone she can love and who is sexy to her Well, I continued to court this other girl, J, and in one meeting, met with her mom who was there. Turns out the girl lied to me. She said she was 20 years old. But she is 17. At that moment, two negatives hit me: 1) she lied 2) she couldn't be sexually liberated enough at 17 to have a clue what lifestyle I was proposing. However, after an hour of talking to the Mom and the mom talking to my SO on the phone, and me talking to J, the girl, J, said that her mom was uncomfortable with it, so the answer was "no". My SO was very happy to hear that J was now out of the equation.

One lesson I learned from that was, it's important the new girl be fiercely independent because it'll be an uphill battle to win approval from a Latin family for anything non-traditional. So in addition to my SO's now necessary criteria of SUPER SEXY (that's what she wants, I guess to get her excited), I also added FIERCELY INDEPENDENT.

In addition to the hunt for our new partner, I have also been dating. That's been a fun adventure, and has helped dispell some myths that I had previously imagined were reality about what particular women can be like. I was able to reflect my criterion on girls I've been meeting and I can see they have deeply rooted other beliefs which prevent them from lining up with what I need. That didn't stop me from having some nice romantic encounters however. There's been some sex, there's been some making out, and there's been some bummers. But it's been really easy to let prospects go, and that's new to me. In the past when I was dating, I tended to have a hard time letting candidates go, unless I forgot about them. But the actual letting go process was never really mastered. Now I am able to have the mature cutting off talk, deal with everything level headed, and send them on their merry way if need be.

I posted some tweets on twitter, openly looking around Central America for open minded, sexy, bisexual, independent girls, who are interested in a fun new lifestyle relationship. Yeah, I got no response. haha. However, my housekeeper saw the tweet, and said there was a girl in the city where she grew up (one of the larger cities here), who sounded like she fits the bill.

So I connected with P (Pina, named above) on Facebook, and within just a few sentences I quickly popped the situation about my SO and I looking for someone like her. She immediately said "Like Hugh Hefner?". Bingo. Apparently she's a big fan, loves the sound of a Playboy lifestyle, has playboy everything, watches all the shows. Later that evening she talked with my SO on the phone for 1 hour. My SO said she was worried about what people will think. P told her "Don't worry about what other people think." I felt like I had found my twin! This girl sounded awesome.

Over the next few days, we've texted, instant messenged, video chatted, talked on the phone for hours, several times a day, she calls me and my SO at different times of the day. She told my SO that she wants to become her best friend and do everything all together.

She does not need her family's approval. She wants to do this. And the way I proposed it, was that there would be a 3rd girl coming in at a future date too, and she was ok with all this even considering that. She has never played with a girl before, but she is open to it, and thinks it sounds sexy.

My SO is very excited actually, because this girl is extremely sexy, a 23-year old model with beautiful hair all the way down to her ass. I find her as sexy as any other sexy girl, but my SO and other girls find P very very sexy. Apparently she must be a girl's girl. One time when I was having sex with my SO, my SO started screaming out P's name, and is just dying to have her move in with us. Haha, and no, it wasn't because sex with me was so bad that she wanted P instead! lol She said she wants me to have sex with P while P licks her, and she imagines all kinds of threeway play. Remember, she's had a few threesomes since I introduced the idea to her, but I still have not had one. So she really wants to get some going again because she's tasted it before and loves it. Me, I don't know what I'm missing yet. But I'm more interested in the relationships for love, than sex. Sex will be fun, but I look forward to being in love with both girls, and doing everything together, and making each other happy.

So I'm very happy to have found someone we both like, and who likes us both. It's going to be fun having this upcoming 6 day adventure.
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