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I guess I never had that problem because I don't go around looking for people. Things normaly evolve from friendships with me, and my friends always know about me being poly. I have a really hard time conecting with complete strangers enough to tell them stuff like that, and I wouldn't feel confortable hiding my boyfriends from any new partners (even if just casual sex, because thing can evolve from there, and then it started ou with a lie. Not cool.) So I just don't date strangers in a bar, ever. XD But that's me. I feel better when there's friendship and trust involved.

I can see how things can be harder on men. While most of my male friends would agree to casual sex at least, Peaches normal response to me asking him about "the girls" is "ain't nobody got time for that." He does complain that girls usually shun him after he mentions me, or just seem to believe they will eventually be able to "steal him" from me somehow, to the point that he just gave up girls until he's finished with his gradutaion, at least XD
Me, female in a V with Peaches, live in boyfriend and CC, boyfriend.

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