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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
Some people are just like this. I'm sorry. All I can say is to try not to take it personally. For myself, when I am really upset about something I just can't talk to anyone until I have processed it for myself.

Not my best friend, not my boyfriend, not my husband, not my therapist (when I had one). I have to live with it for a certain period of time before I can have more than the most superficial of interactions with anyone else - it's actually easier to interact with strangers than people I know during these periods (and I am someone who hates interacting with strangers). Even just telling someone I care about that I "need space" is a HUGE drain on my emotional energy, which is all tied up dealing with the problem at hand.

Hopefully her withdrawal doesn't last too long and you guys can have a deep and bonding conversation when it is over.

I understand this. I guess it's at times like these when my insecurities become the worst. I took it pretty bad but yes, late in the evening she reappeared and it was like nothing had happened and we communicated for a few hours.
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