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It's a specific group of people. I don't think everyone there knows about it, at least for the most part, people continue to respect me and treat me the same, so if they know, they choose not to intrude.
It doesn't sound so bad then -- the majority of the people are not bugging you.

See if it dies down, but if they continue to harass you, can you tell a teacher? What's the policy there on harassment?

Right now I fell lost on one of the negative spirals, and it's hard to distinguish my own thoughts and feelings from what the disorder makes me think.
You seem self aware enough then to know that all may not be how it FEELS.

So again -- wait. Let time do it's work. Hopefully you are managing your conditions appropriately and things will take an upswing.

Since CC is not worried about and has asked you to let him own his own emotional management? Try to BELIEVE him too. Just like BELIEVING Peaches.

What makes it hard to believe them? If it is something you can articulate then perhaps that can give you hints as to what you can change so that YOUR comfort and YOUR emotional management is better.

Hang in there!
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