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Unhappy Don't know if I'm ok

I'm not sure about myself but for many people I know poly has been a great lifestyle and brought them a lot of joy. My problem is that I have a hard time relating to people and when more that one person is talking it is hard to follow for me. My husband is a very loving person who would be wonderful in a poly relationship. I do not believe that anyone owns another person and I don't wish to be a mother, boss, or owner in my relationships. However...(loaded word that). I also don't enjoy polyamory myself, too many people to remember, and too much rehashing and reassuring. I really like the girl my husband is in a relationship with now, and they seem good together. I however feel like I didn't really get a chance to discuss it with hubs before we got started and now they are in that first selfish flush of new love and talking is painful, one of them always ends up crying. They get upset because I don't want a romantic relationship but we have had fun with some casual sexual experiences in past. They want me involved. I feel forced. I also tend to feel like I don't want to intrude and the more I give them space to explore their new feelings and understand each other and create their relationship the more they try to pull me in. I feel trapped not to mention they are not comfortable unless I am around and I feel a little like a peeping Tom. Just uncomfortable
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