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Default This Weekend: Part 2

So we are up and in the kitchen deciding what we want to do for the day. a couple hours later I'm off in the bedroom, Chipmunk is still mostly asleep so I'm trying to be quite while getting dressed. Airyn comes in the room and talks to Chipmunk telling her that we are going out and where we are planning to go. She just nods and rolls over. I finish getting dressed, and thinking she is still on the hormone roller coaster from the previous night. So I tell her to go back to sleep that getting enough rest should help her feel better. Beside she has to work that night, and wants to be up late at the block party having a good time with us. She nods, but doesn't say anything, and Airyn and I leave.

We are out just the 4 of us, Airyn, Mom, Wolf, and I have a fun family day together. We stop in a retro store, then stop for lunch, by then it is after noon, and we are all feeling sleep so we opt to go home and nap. At home Mom curls up in Wolfs bed, and Wolf gets on her computer. Airyn checks on Chipmunk. I decide to nap with them, and have an idea to help Chipmunk if her hormones are still making her feel out of sorts. Mydol, or Pamprin might just help. I walk in the room and it is immediately apparent that a very serious unhappy conversation is going on. I ask if everything is ok, and get bombarded with how we left Chipmunk, and she could call cause she's out of minutes on her cell. I tell her that she should have used the house phone, or texted Mom's phone to let us know she was up and wanted to join us. But she is just really really angry, so I get up and leave the room deciding that anything I say will make things worse and that I'd rather nap with Mom.

Airyn stays with her and works to talk it out. What it boils down to. When Airyn got up and went to give Chipmunk good morning Kisses she turned away from him like she was still sad and want to be alone. Since she didn't tell either of us otherwise, or attempt to join us before we left the house, or get up and dressed when I was getting ready to go we both assumed that she had no interest in going. She felt that Airyn should have asked her if she wanted to go. He tells her that her turning away from him when he was trying to give her kisses told him she wanted nothing to do with him that morning, and that he can't read her mind she has to tell him what she wants/needs. Airyn tells me later that Chipmunk was realizing that she messed up, that he let her rage and stomp around for a bit then stopped her in her tracks with hugs and wouldn't let her go. She cried it out, but was still sad when she left for work that afternoon. I talk to him after he comes home from dropping Chipmunk off, trying to figure out what happened. I told him why I came in the room (the idea that mydol, or pamprin might help her). Then told him that I left feeling like I was being attacked for leaving her out, but that she never once let on that she wanted to go.

Airyn tells me that what happened after I left the room, and that Chipmunk is realizing that she hasn't spent her time wisely cause she still has costume issue to be fixed. I tell Airyn that she had plenty of time to work on it and that I don't feel sorry for her. I also tell him that I'm not being negative, as I've done the same thing and left the adjustment and prep for my costume to the last minute too. I remind him that we have all had the same amount of time nothing had to be left till the last day, we all procrastinated. Then we are out more shopping, another stop at a restaurant, and again more shopping pick up fun things from Mom that she can't get where she lives. Back at home Airyn helps me get my costume laced, and Iron's Chipmunks outfit. We also find her glasses broken in half, and Airyn superglue them back together so that they aren't a complete loss. All the while Airyn is texting Chipmunk letting her know what we are doing. Trying to keep her from overly worrying about how long it will take to get ready after she gets off.

I have decided to be the designated drive, and lay down for a nap after searching for a missing bag of Halloween makeup. Airyn is slightly worried as I was getting frustrated over it. So he's asking me if everything is ok. I just tell him I'm sleepy, and that I need to nap so I can drive safely after the block party. He lets me sleep for about 3 hours. Waking me up after picking Chipmunk up from work. So we are all 4 in the bedroom/bathroom getting changed, and makeup for our costumes. It takes longer then we though as we only have 2 makeup mirrors and 4 full faces of makeup to do. Once we are ready we stop at Guys house and pick him up to go with us. Find a place to park, and have about 3-4 block to get to the block party.

Airyn and Chipmunk are both a little buzzed as they did shots together before we left the house. And neither of them can remember how far we are going, so I explain it a couple times, but after that only tell them we are almost there. Airyn stops asking, Chipmunk doesn't, and keeps getting the same answer. We are all moving a a leisurely pace nothing to fast as Chipmunk is wearing 4 or 5 inch high heels, and tends to walk slower then the rest of us any way. Then we get to the right spot, and start seeing the crowd. We are trying to stay together, Airyn and I are up front, with everyone else behind us. Mom is directly behind us and saying how cool this is and how she's never been to anything like it before. We are all checking out everyone elses costumes. And we aren't even THERE yet.

The next thing we know Chipmunk is several paces ahead of everyone. I call out to her, and ask if she knows where she's going. We are intending to meet up with a friend of her's at one of the bars for a moment or two. She has no Idea where the bar is and waits on the group to catch up to her. A few mins later she off well a head again, and I'm telling Airyn to slow her down. He catches up to her and links arms. They slow down for a bit, but again get well ahead. at this point I'm starting to get frustrated. I tell Airyn to slow down. They do for a little while, but again Chipmunk is getting to far a head for everyone else. So I get Airyn's attention (they are no longer arm in arm), and tell him that he has to slow her down or I'm going to let her get lost in the crowd. That she has made me slow down for her every time we have go out as a group she can damn well slow down and allow us to site see. That mostly works. Now Chipmunk is trying to get us to all hold hands or link arms. But since that wasn't the issue I'm not interested. I tell her that I know how to walk though a crowd. Still they end up ahead of everyone, but Airyn stops her once he realize they have gotten ahead. This works and we get back together as a group, and find the right bar.

It's pack, there is a line, and a mandatory ID check. Mom didn't bring her ID as she thought we'd be staying on the street. Chipmunk wants to meet up with her friend and tells us she is going in. So we wait outside for like 15-20 mins. Airyn texts her to make it quick cause we want to be able to move around. In the end we are there just under 2 hours, get to see lots of interesting people all dress up and drinking, having a good time. Airyn take lots of pictures, about 200. With everyone moving only about 50 or so will be worth keeping. We get home, and Chipmunk heads off to bed while Airyn, mom, and I start looking at his pictures. there are some really good ones in there. Including a few I took of Airyn and his Mom. We are talking about how cool the block party was, and talking about next year. Mom had so much fun that we've decided to move the Haunted Trail up a weekend so that we can go again. We want to go earlier and get a spot on a balcony next time.

Is it wrong of me to have gotten upset at Chipmunk Saturday night? to have gone off on Airyn about it? Maybe, I'm not sure. I do feel that it was very inconsiderate of her to being rushing off like that. She is normally the slowest one in the group, but this time she was wanting to be seen in her sex Halloween costume, and was leaving us behind. Not that we were walking at our normal fast pace, but still we all wanted to see what was going on. Site seeing usually means you walk slower then normal.

What about Friday, was I wrong to ask her to wait to have alone time with Airyn? Is his mom wrong for getting upset? I don't think so. Chipmunk has begun making a habit of getting moody, emotional, and needy of Airyn's time and attention when we are hanging out with friends on the weekends. And Airyn has played to her needs by staying close to her, often excluding/ignoring me entirely. The ignoring thing has gotten better, but that took a lot of work between Airyn and I. He asked me to point out when I'm feeling left out, so he would know, and could be more aware. I did this once, and still spent the evening only seeing the back of his head as he spent his time paying attention to Chipmunk mostly excluding me, and Guy who was over at our place. We talked about it afterwards, and things got better. Now he makes more of an effort to be close to me. He doesn't move away when I come over to him, and I haven't been left seeing only the back of his head in a while. I also haven't had to point out that I moved closer to him for a reason.
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