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Default This weekend: Part 1

How did this weekend go?

Thursday: I have been talking about going to the gay block party early with some straight friends from work. at one point I was hoping to meet up with a woman I meet online, but that didn't pan out. She had other plans and it was too late to change them. Friday morning I'm again talking with Airyn about going early as I'm still undecided. He asks why I'm going early, what the point it, and why not stay with him and his mom. I tell him that really it was just to participate in the gay community, but that since I would be going with only straight people, own of whom may act shocked/surprised at what he sees, that I'm not really feeling it's worth it. So in the end I'm talked into staying home, and going with Him, Chipmunk, and my MIL.

Friday my MIL arrives @ 3:45, I'm with Chipmunk taking her to a doctor's appointment.
MIL and Airyn pick Wolf up from school, and out for food and entertainment.

After the Doctor's appointment, Airyn asks us to meet him and his mom at a coffee house/restaurant. We have one more errand to run, but agree to meet them. After meeting up we easily kill a few hours snacking, and talking. Then head home to freshen up and meet my Friend (I'll call him GUY) at his place. We get there and start cooking right away. Airyn and his mom start mixing drinks for everyone. This is the second time we have hung out with Airyn's mom since Chipmunk came into our life. Mom is not liking how needy Chipmunk gets Friday night. It started when Chipmunk wanted another drink. We are all chatting with my friend, and Chipmunk is watching the stove (by her choice). She walks over to us (about 3 steps away) and shakes her glass at Airyn. Mom looks askance at this, but doesn't say anything. Chipmunk got her latest depo shot in her arm, so her arm is sore, and then after drink part of her second drink starts getting really moody, and sad. She goes and curls up on the couch in the living room, while the rest of us continue talking/having fun in the kitchen.

Airyn Checks on her, but comes right back. We line up some shots, but Chipmunk doesn't join us. I check on her and ask what's wrong. Chipmunk tells me that she is just sad, but doesn't know what is wrong. Guy offers Chipmunk the use of his bed so she can sleep, and Chipmunk moves to the bedroom. We are still having a good time laughing, drink, and generally just chatting about everything, and anything in the kitchen. Airyn and I take turns checking on Chipmunk. When I check on her she is on her phone being sad talking to her x (Who live out of state). I leave her to it after her telling me she only has a few mins to talk to him.

A few hours later the rest of us are sitting in the living room, and Guy gets a text from Chipmunk asking him to send Airyn to her. This set MIL off, and she tells me we need to talk. She and I head outside where she starts going off over Chipmunks neediness. Talking about how it was really rude of her to shake her glass in Airyn's face, and wrong it is for her to text him like that when she is just in the next room. I'm trying to tell her that the texting thing is just part of Chipmunks generation, that it is common for texting in the same room/house these days, and not to be upset over that. I tell her that the glass shaking thing is kind of a "pay attention to me" thing. That I really can't say anything to Airyn about it. That this is something they have to work out between them. That at 21 most women have that look at me mentality, I told her that I'm sure I did too, and that she probably was like that as well. Then I'm hugging her neck telling her that I love her, and that I'm so glad she came down to visit. She very upset that Chipmunk is keeping Airyn and her from spending what little time they have together in each other company. So I tell her I can fix that right now, and get Airyn back into the living room. That I can go talk to Chipmunk for a while.

So into the bedroom I tell Airyn hey your needed in the other room, and then whisper that Mom is pissed. and I cuddle a bit with Chipmunk and ask her what's wrong, She tells me she just wanted Airyn to be close, that she's just sad and doesn't know why. So I'm trying to explain to her that she really can't be like that this weekend. I ask her to save it for Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. That if she can do that then she can just tell me she needs a few hours or what ever alone with Airyn and I can do that. That right now Airyn's mom is here, they only get to see each other a few times a year. Mom is only here for a couple days, and it's really unfair to mom to pull Airyn away right now. Then I remind Chipmunk that all she has to do is tell us (Airyn and I) what she needs from us and that well will do what we can. Since she is still not feeling right and thinks it's the Depo shot she just got she and I talk about the next day. How Airyn talked me into staying home and going with them. That I was really only wanting to go early to hang out with the woman I met who is actually Bi. (I'm buzzed and not as tactful as usual) This causes Chipmunk to ask me if I'm trying to make her feel bad. I tell her no, I'm just telling her why I'm going with them since I do want to be a part of that community more.

After a while Airyn tells me it's time to go. I ask if he is ok to drive and he says yes. so Off we go. It's about 2:30am so Christina goes straight to bed, but us night owls stay up a while.
Mom is still upset, and takes the conversation she and I were having to Airyn. They are sitting out on the balcony so I knock on the door to warn them that I'd like to join them. There's no complaint so I have a seat, and just listen without comment. Airyn is looking at me kinda wide eyed, but all I can do is offer him a lopsided grin. I can't argue with anything Mom is saying as I've said most of it myself at one point or another.

It's after 3am before we call it a night. Around 8:30 the next morning I hear Mom getting up and by 9am I'm up hanging out with her having Coffee. I wake Maxx up at 9:30 with an offer of fresh brewed coffee, and he joins us. Christina is still mostly asleep, and appears to want to stay in bed after having such a bad day Friday. So we leave her alone. While making coffee together I talk to Airyn about the previous night. Telling him that it was nice that he wasn't so Johnny on the spot for Chipmunk this time. That he needs to make that the norm. That it is very immature for her to spend 75% of our weekends together being so moody and demanding of his time. Especially when we are all out together. That I'd like to see us leaving her to brood on her own, and just check on her once in a while. She should really be joining us and having fun or stay at home if she not up to having a good time.

What I don't mention is how the weekends are my only days off (minus vacation time). On Chipmunk's last day off he wanted me to be clam and non-emotional, because the day off before that had been very high stress and emotional for all of us. We'll see if things change.
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