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This makes me think of when I was studying music. You need to learn the rules to know how to break them. I think labels are similar. When you're first coming out and exploring all the different options there are, (gay, straight, queer, poly, trans, a-sexual, pan-sexual, mono).... Oh my goodness! It helps to have a label to have something to identify with and to find similar people. Once it all becomes old hat, the label starts to matter less and you're just comfortable being YOU.
EXACTLY! that makes loads of sense.

wow guys thanks for all your insight and sharing your personal experience with how you came to identify yourselves or how you decided not to do so. this is really eye opening. I didnt know polyamory existed either but I dont see it as the answer or explaination or best solution for my ways or feelings, cause i lack experience really. I never even "crushed" on boys or girls growing up. strange. but still I understand polyamory and why it works for people and think it could work for me too, but it wouldnt be natural, more so it would be a huge learning process, and even just being with someone who calls himself poly is a huge learning process and challange as its all new to me!

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