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Originally Posted by alina View Post
i love him and want this to work but I really sometimes feel like giving up.
Well, keep in mind that love is not enough to make a relationship work and bring you satisfaction. It's just not. As I see it, you need much better communication between you. You assumed that when he said he was poly that didn't really mean he would do anything about it. I take it you never asked him questions to get clarity on what he meant and how he intends to live (why he didn't explain himself I do not understand - but you need to be proactive and ask for the info you need to make an informed choice of whether or not to be involved with someone). AND furthermore, he assumed he could go stick his dick in other women and tell you afterwards.

Something definitely stinks here! Some growing up -- on both your parts -- is in order.

I hope you use condoms with him. He doesn't seem trustworthy. If not, get tested now.
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