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Originally Posted by AudentesFortunaJuvat View Post
I understand she probably needs time but it would be nice if she came out and just said it, instead of just ignoring me and withdrawing.
Some people are just like this. I'm sorry. All I can say is to try not to take it personally. For myself, when I am really upset about something I just can't talk to anyone until I have processed it for myself.

Not my best friend, not my boyfriend, not my husband, not my therapist (when I had one). I have to live with it for a certain period of time before I can have more than the most superficial of interactions with anyone else - it's actually easier to interact with strangers than people I know during these periods (and I am someone who hates interacting with strangers). Even just telling someone I care about that I "need space" is a HUGE drain on my emotional energy, which is all tied up dealing with the problem at hand.

Hopefully her withdrawal doesn't last too long and you guys can have a deep and bonding conversation when it is over.

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