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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
But I think we can only lead/teach by example.

Most everyone is caught up some way in a struggle of ego and self definition. In heavy pursuit of this people will trample others - even if it's in ignorance. So, I don't feel it's possible to connect on any meaningful level with all people. And when we're forced into situations of having to deal with them we can only offer our views - and/or leave. But not without making it clear why.

Good points GS.
I have extensive training in conflict resolution as well as in the escalation of conflict. Part of my training was provided through the military but the bulk of it was acquired in other pursuits of mine. Ego is the single biggest cause of conflicts escalating to the point of aggression on the street.
A lot of times it is one person who continues talking while the other simply wants to leave the area and carry about there business. A lot of times it is ego that drives the one person to continue, to establish that they are "the man". It is this hounding and cornering that eventually leads to conflicts moving beyond a breakdown in verbal communication. A lot of times it is this that leads to fights and war.

I have felt this in my dealings with some people in the local poly community and honestly if it was not for the calming affects of Redpepper it's hard to say where that would lead too…because you see, I too suffer from ego and sometimes you just want people to shut up.

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