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Thank you both for the good advice. LovingRadiance, what you said about mom was very clarifying. It's exactaly that: She IS emotionally tied to what people think of me. I'll have to work this out with her.

Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Need more info: Who ARE these people? Random strangers? Cannot control how other people behave.
Me and CC met each other on a martial arts class. Everyone there has VERY strict "morals" (I mean society-forced kind of morals, sorry if I can't find te right word again, English is not my first language, sometimes I lack vocabulary) and the both of us are really old and respected students (there's a hierarchy sort of thing), and were nominated to become teachers.
Most of our problem is coming from there, and I really can't unlink myself from this people.

Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Issue 4 - Feelings for CC

Miscommunication always leads to major problems with CC. I do not tell him things as openly as I tell Peaches. I hold back because my relationship with CC is not yet stable and I do not like that. (See issue 1). I love him. I am afraid of being in love and keep trying to convince myself that I am not. I am afraid to love when I am not sure of the committment with CC.

I give him _____ reasons to commit to me when I hold back and do not give clear, open communication. thing up.

You ARE absolutely right on your interpretation. I KNEW posting this here would give me the perspective I need. I do love him. I'm just too afraid, but I must admit, denying it like this will not help at all.
You're right on your advice, too. I either open up and let things happen on their own pace (also can't force this into a solid, loving relationship from night to day, of course) or I just cut things here and now.

I'll go home today and do a little meditation on this.

Thanks again for taking the time.
Me, female in a V with Peaches, live in boyfriend and CC, boyfriend.
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