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Originally Posted by Wizzard View Post
Here's what I would say. Meet with her, but have no expectations. If it doesn't turn into a sex filled romp, that's OK, you got to spend time with a friend. If it does, great, you got to spend some time with a friend naked.

But whatever you do, make sure she understands. Don't just drop it all and say nothing.
Thank you for your response. I agree with you. I would never drop it without saying anything. Never. I would hate it if someone did that to me. The communication is there. The problem is that I feel that I'm constantly competing for her attention, specially from her "ex." He's moved away from her and he pops up from time to time. Today he popped up, said some unpleasant things and now she's withdrawn and is not answering my texts. I hate it that he treats her like that. I'm the polar opposite, not even in anger would I say anything to hurt her.

I'm trying to be understanding of the situation, but it's very hard. We are friends, I want to comfort her. I understand she probably needs time but it would be nice if she came out and just said it, instead of just ignoring me and withdrawing.

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