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Originally Posted by dakid View Post

don't know if that makes sense, hope so!
I feel pretty much the same way you do about this, dakid. Someone mentioned earlier:

Poly is about building relationships - not just friendships with side benefits.
and I find this amusing because "friendships with side benefits" IS a type of relationship! So while it may not "be" polyamory, someone try to explain to me exactly what is so "anti-poly" about it.

EVERYTHING is a "relationship". I have a relationship(s) with my co-workers, my doctors, my friends, my relatives. I hate this "all or nothing" attitude that seems to prevail among "polyamorous" people that I've noticed on this forum: that if you're having sex with someone you're not head-over-heels in looooove with, that somehow it is "not a REAL poly relationship".

And regarding Seventh Crow's signature - yes, it may not "be" poly if you're "just" fucking around; there's a whole range of relationship styles that are sexual but not long-term "partnerships", that are not "just fucking around". To me, "just fucking around" sounds like the stereotypical gay anonymous sex encounters in motels that charge by the hour.

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