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I have been a serial monogamist dater since I was 15. It hasn't really worked for me. Even though I have had a string of long term relationships I always felt like there was something messing. A part of me just figured one day I would meet the "One" and everything would fall into place. I am 25 and have never been satisfied with my love life. Even when I had a boyfriend for 5 years. The idea that I could be in love with multiple people at one time and it be acceptable seemed very intriguing to me. For me it's a struggle because when I am with someone I want them all to myself. I am trying to break away from this ideal and live a different type of lifestyle. For me being monogamist seemed like the only option. Your either monogamist or your single and sleeping around. That's the way I saw things. But now there is like this whole new world I didn't even know existed.
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