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Originally Posted by Silkanie View Post
Probably most frustrating about this is that I started getting told I look at relationships in an 'unnatural' and 'abnormal' way before I even knew the word for it. What is even more confusing is that, in America at a minimum, we teach our children we're supposed to love without regard to the exterior (other than possibly as a sign of how well someone takes care of themselves and others) we teach Pansexuality as the ideal, but those who enact it or feel it for real are 'freaks'.
Exactaly. To my closest friends I do explain that my view on unconditional love is that gender should not be a condition either.
When I give people the exemple of Peaches - he could be a woman, or pretty much WHATEVER gender on the wide spectrum (I don't see it as only two possibilities at all) - I'd love him the same, they mostly say it's cute, but they cound't look past gender when falling in love and I must somehow broken in the head to actually think this way. Peaches fells the same about me, though, and to us it's just the natural way of things.

People actually told me I had some serious issues way before I identify even as bi. When I knew Peaches I was a straight little girl as far as I knew, but people critized me a lot because he was dressed as a woman when I met him (and was known to like dressing as a woman, painting nails and etc on special ocasions) and I didn't seem to mind that at all.
Me, female in a V with Peaches, live in boyfriend and CC, boyfriend.
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