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Originally Posted by MoonElf View Post
When I first tried to use the term "pansexual" it was WAY worse. I had people asking me if it meant I'd do it with dogs, too, or basicaly anything that moves. When I explained it, people said I must have some issued and ought to get checked out. So I just use "bi" in general. Again, avoiding most of the crap.
Probably most frustrating about this is that I started getting told I look at relationships in an 'unnatural' and 'abnormal' way before I even knew the word for it. What is even more confusing is that, in America at a minimum, we teach our children we're supposed to love without regard to the exterior (other than possibly as a sign of how well someone takes care of themselves and others) we teach Pansexuality as the ideal, but those who enact it or feel it for real are 'freaks'.
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