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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
Well, there's yer problem, right there.

'She's my girlfriend.'
"Then who's the blond?"
'She's my girlfriend too'
then be quiet. It's when you offer your own label, 'I'm polyamorous,' that they think they get to run that script.
That usually starts up conversations more along the lines of the "Sweet! Two chicks" (if its a guy I'm talking to) or "What a pig" (if its a girl I'm talking to).

Or make up a story~! I was just mentioning my dumb genetic condition on another thread. Because my joints are loose, I fall down or bump into stuff more than most. I also bruise fairly easily. I have learned to say stuff like, 'it was a bar fight.' or 'you should have seen the other girl' Nobunny wants to hear that I walked into a door. Although, my favorite is when I bruised my fingertips by blowing my nose. You can't make this shit up. But it's too ridiculous for people to believe.
Hard to make up a story that's stranger than the truth XD

When I was living in the lesbian community, I got a similar script from straight men.
'Oh you're gay? You like girls, hunh?'
'Can I watch?'

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