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November-on that note, I had an interesting experience last week. My ex of 15 yrs ago needed a friend. I went and hung out. He was talking to me about chronic pain (bone spurs in spine pressing towards spinal cord) that he is 2 years into dealing with.
I empathized, reminding him that I have neck damage from years ago. I had an ACDF surgery in 2010 which helped, but can't fix the nerve damage and doesn't completely alleviate the pain. So pain management is a huge part of my life-the last 7 yrs or so.
Previously-noone in my life had a clue the struggle emotionally. Now, he does and after my show of empathy-I saw the dawning comprehension on his face. Suddenly realizing how often he had glossed over what he didn't understand but now does.
I felt sad for him. I would rather he not understand. But, it was nice to be able to talk to someone who really grasps my struggle also.
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