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It was my birthday recently and I celebrated it with rory and a few friends. She came to my place in the morning and brought a doughnut with a candle in the middle to my room. Aaaww! Then she gave me the sweetest present, I was so touched. What a wonderful way to start a day. Then we got ready and met my friends at an event we were all attending. The thing is, the friends are also my coworkers. These two have known about rory and the whole situation for quite some time now so I was happy to introduce rory to them. I was quite nervous about the fact that there was supposed to be another coworker attending that I don't know that well. I panicked a little in advance about what do we say if the topic of rory's other relationship comes up. But I guess I got lucky because she joined us very late so we were there at the same time only like an hour and during that time the conversation didn't go to that topic, which was good. I'm not totally out of the closet in the office, but a few coworkers know. We have quite a relaxed office and the reactions I've had so far have been mostly positive. I'm constantly coming out little by little. There are so many things to come out about! Like, some people know I'm bi, some know I have a girlfriend, some know I've been married to a man, some know that I'm in an open relationship and a few know about the whole package.
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