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Doing much better. I got to talk with Primal about a minor issue that's been hurting (I want to save the bigger issues for when we have our family session with a therapist so we have the mediator).

We're going to change our day together away from the day of the D&D game. It started as that because I was only down in his area on Thursdays for game. But we really don't have any time to actually spend together.

We are also going to make up the 3 weeks we've lost this month. Once was because Lamian had to go the dentist the next morning to have some teeth pulled and she was in too much pain to sleep on the couch. The next was because he was talking to Peaseblossum at 11:30 at night after game and still had to pack for his weekend with her when he got off the phone with her at 12:30. And the last one was a mix of my breakdown but also he wanted to make it easier for Peaseblossum to get sleep before having to get up at 4:30 for work.

So we still need to figure out when we want to change the day to and get out make-up days figured out but it's going to be taken care of.
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