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Originally Posted by MoonElf View Post
I'll start with the three things I hear a lot (too much) about poly.
That this would only work on theory.
Judging by the 50% divorce rate and the frequency that similar relationships split up, the same could be said for monogamy.

That I only say this because I didn't find the right person. (To which I respond: I did. I found two of them.)
That's along the same lines as saying someone is only gay because they haven't found the right girl/guy and its just as idiotic.

That I don't understand ou have experienced "True Love" (This last one is really hurtfull for me.)
Ludicrous. Unless the person is a mind-reader, there's no way they can make that determination.

People also assume that since i'm too young (I'm in my early 20's) I'll eventually change my mind. "I'm too young to have really loved anyone", etc.
Age has very little to do with it. I've met fifteen year old's who knew more about love than a senior citizen and senior citizens who knew less about love than life-long priests or nuns.

So what about you guys? Have you experienced/still experience prejudice? Are you still in closet in fear of it?
Nothing serious or overt. Mostly just confusion.

I had a few people I knew who decided that they couldn't be friends with me because of that part of my life. The most hostility I've experienced because of my being poly was on OkCupid. When I first signed up and put in my profile that I was poly, I received three messages. Two were from women who were wondering why I was on the site and why I didnt "respect" women enough to just date one. The third message was from a guy who was incredibly hostile and angry, just generally ralphing up garbage about how I was "stealing" women. Aside from that, I've never been much trouble.

Admittedly, I dont publicize it when I think it might be a problem so I'm kinda half-in-half-out as far as the closet goes. Less out of fear and more out of a desire to avoid dealing with people's crap. I have a stunningly small amount of patience for narrow-mindedness and people squawking about how having attended couples therapy that one time gives them such a wealth of knowledge about what works and what doesn't in a relationship.
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